Killbuck Ohio barn mural senior session, Legends of music barn

Oh guys, I think you will all love this senior session!  This past week I made my first trip to this beautifully painted barn near Killbuck Ohio.  The Legends of Music Barn is well, just that, covered in legends of music!  All four sides have stunning murals, but Alivia was most interested in the man in black, Johnny Cash.  

We talked about how she would like to have at least a few pictures outside of the barn with Johnny Cash, and it was mentioned that the farm itself was also a beautiful location.  It definitely did not disappoint!  We started the evening by the small forest of perfectly planted trees where we could find some open shade on the bright and sunny evening.  Posing came easy to this girl and I was so excited to see how natural and beautiful each shot was turning out!

After a quick outfit change (a Johnny Cash shirt, of course) it was off to the barn.  The original plans were to just grab a few quick shots outside the barn, but the owner was available and we were able to get a quick tour inside!  With four walls covered in guitars and memorabilia, I think it is safe to say our Johnny Cash fan was a little excited.  I grabbed a couple shots of her relaxing in a corner booth but then we had to move on to the big open window for that stunning natural light.  

The next few pictures had all the adults in the room (or maybe just me) breathing a little more cautiously as our senior girl was handed a rather valuable guitar.  Alivia held on to a Gibson Hummingbird that was pulled from it's glass case for a once in a lifetime opportunity.  This guitar was gifted to the barn by a happy tourist/visitor as were most of the guitars seen around the room.  

After one last outfit change and a few pictures in the mossy stairway leading to the old farmhouse we were off to arguably the most unique location I have ever taken pictures, a cemetery.  Alivia lost her mom three years ago and really wanted to include her in some way in this special event in her life.  I was honored to be able to capture this visit with her mother and I am sure she was looking down on her smiling on that sunny evening.  

Thank you to Alivia and Betty for a fun evening.  I love all the new places and things I get to see and do with this job and I couldn't have asked for better tour guides!  Enjoy your senior year Alivia and best of luck!