I love how you can look at a photo and it looks so beautiful and warm.  While beautiful may be true for this wintery Ohio engagement session, warm is a bit far out of reach!  Cody and Tina were absolutely amazing to work with.  To start Tina knew right away she wanted snow for their session.  At first, I thought "no problem!"  But as winter drug on, and we continued with unseasonably warm temperatures, I started to fear we were never going to see a snowy day for their pictures!  So after rescheduling multiples times, we finally set a date and decided we would stick with it so we could finally get around to doing their session.  And luck was on our side!  We had an absolutely beautiful snowy day, it was just a bit on the freezing cold side!  

We started the evening at their own home so we could include every member of the family!  It was an absolutely gorgeous setting and I must say I think these photos are some of my absolute favorites!  Afterwards we headed off to the beautiful Rivercrest Farm near Dover, Ohio where we finished off their session with some romantic portraits!  By the end, our fingers and toes were pretty close to numb, and I am convinced Tina must be cold blooded because she didn't complain once!  I think to date this is the fastest session I have ever done even between two locations!  And I still love the outcome.  I hope you all enjoy this snowy engagement session as much as I did!