Bubbles, Swing Sets, and Cousin Fun

This past week, Kenna and I made the trip to Papa & Gramma's house (my parents) to spend some time with family.  Mom was having her parents and siblings over and it always turns into a full afternoon of food, a few friendly drinks, and during the summer a much needed dip in the pool.

Before everyone showed up, Kenna was easily entertained with a genius toy invention my mom bought from Aldi that makes hundreds of bubble within a few short minutes.  The bubble blower, the ultimate toy for toddlers.  While she was running around jumping, screaming, making noises, the usual, I could just see how perfect the colors were in mom's yard amongst the cloudy skies, deep green grass, and mom's abundant flower beds.  Sometimes there are perfect moments for pictures and this was one of them.  It's probably due to the fact that their property is literally surrounded by trees but mom and dad's house always seems to create the picture perfect opportunity.  Morning, afternoon, night, rain or shine.  The light is always beautiful.

The next day, we were joined by Kenna's cousin Sterling.  He is now "fun" because he can walk on two feet.  Naturally, that's brings out the best in most people's personalities.  It was my first time entertaining two little ones for a full day, and I couldn't have been more blessed with a full day of outside play time, three hour naps, and happy little eaters.  I'm just going to pretend that momming to two is always like that, easy peasy, right? Regardless of what reality looks like, we had a fun restful day for a busy week ahead.  Life is pretty good sometimes.