Starting my morning off photographing a tiny new baby in Millersburg Ohio is what I would consider a pretty wonderful start to the day.  Four weeks ago, I spent another morning with this sweet family in Dundee Ohio for their maternity session.  You can see that beautiful woodsy session here.  This is now my third time photographing this family, first for their sweet firstborn, then maternity session, and finally the much anticipated arrival of their newest member of the family, their second baby girl. 

Akron Ohio Photography, In hospital newborn photography session, Millersburg Ohio

As a photographer, I am often around people during very intimate moments of their life.  Having this family welcome me in into their hospital room, just hours after their sweet little one arrived was such a privilege.  I especially adored seeing the new big sister and her interaction with baby.  Clearly once the baby girl herself, it may take her some time to adjust.  But as a "recently turned" two-year old, I thought she did pretty well taking on the responsibility of holding baby sister and loving on her in this new world. 

As a family, they are the absolute sweetest.  Cory and Lindsey do a wonderful job with both of their girls and they are truly just fun to be around.  As husband and wife, they are two people who fit together so well, you can tell they are one of those couples are just truly meant to be.  It is always the most relaxed environment, regardless of what is going on around them. 

We had originally discussed an in-home lifestyle session, but Lindsey loved the "realness" of doing their session in the hospital and I LOVE how it all turned out.  This time in the hospital is so brief after such a major change in your life.  Within a short 24 hours you are taking home your new baby, a life altering change that will make your life better in ever single way.  Those first few days/weeks are a struggle, sleep is often the least said word in your home, and with a two year old there will be some big adjustments.  

However, their new little one, (though wide awake the entire time) did such a wonderful job and appeared just as laid back as her parents, I have no doubt in my mind it will be a smooth transition at home.  While sleep may be in short supply for a while, the hugs and kisses won't be and I know this baby is so incredibly loved already.

Congratulations on your sweet family!  I am so happy I had the opportunity to meet her!

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