A girl and her horse

She's doomed, it's in her blood.  Kenna will always want and love horses. 

A girl and her horse, a romantic notion as old as we can remember.  A thought, a dream, and a wish her daddy will have to fight off for as long as he can, but like I said, it's in her blood.  Her grandma had horses, her mommy had horses, this little girl is going to forever dream of horses.  

Currently, she is infatuated with purple unicorns and would really appreciate a real one.  In the meantime, I believe this horsey "Maverick" will do.  From what I understand he's very fast, is broke well to ride, and listens most of the time.  He's not currently able to fly, but they're working on that.  Practice makes perfect when you jump from big rocks and such.

As a mommy, I'm just thrilled that while time seems to be passing at breakneck speed, she's at such a fun age where I can take an entire session's worth of images, while she runs around our back yard racing horses. 

Beautiful, make believe, unicorn horses that carry a little girl from her backyard to vast open acres, with plenty of room to roam.  And if you were wondering, yes I also had a horsey.  Mommy was allowed to ride the little pink shovel, who's name was also "Maverick."