I love newborns.  There is so much emotion, so much love, joy, and blessings, all wrapped up in a tiny bundle of blankets and baby clothes.  Baby onesies, footies, socks, mittens, hats.  Such a tiny little human being who requires so much time, love, and attention.  As a new parent you lose sleep, you let your house go, you skip meals and survive entirely on granola bars and cookies the neighbors dropped off yesterday.  And yet every new parent does it without batting an eye, without even a second thought.  Because this new little person sleeping quietly in their arms not only conquered their homes but conquered their hearts.

And that is exactly why I love newborn lifestyle sessions.  There are so many memories involved in bringing home a tiny new baby.  And those memories are all in your home.  They are created in your nursery where you feed your sweet new baby and sing your first lullaby.  They are created in your living room where you spend your first three sleepless nights at home.  They are created in your bedroom where you spend countless hours admiring tiny wrinkly toes, perfect eyelashes, and the sweetest baby sounds you have ever heard.

Newborn lifestyle sessions capture those real life moments that steal your sleep and steal your heart.  They capture those hours that pass slowly but the days that fly by.  They provide the ability to keep your newborn bundle in the comfort of your own home.  Most important, lifestyle sessions provide you with realistic memories to cherish for years to come.

Jennifer KaiserComment