Meet Miss Juliana.  She is one cute and sassy three year old.  There was no denying that she was pretty excited about her giant balloons, so we had to sneak in a couple shots playing around in the driveway first thing.  Then she was more than eager to show me her grandma's gorgeous landscaping and flowers (a few petals may have been picked as well.)  I loved following Juliana around simply doing what she loves to do at grandma and grandpa's house - playing in the yard, helping daddy feed the cows, skipping up and down the driveway, and of course doing a little stomping around in the creek behind the house.

Photography sessions with little ones are not always easy.  It can be stressful on mom, dad, and the kids as everyone has their own idea of how the session is going to go.  That is why I love letting kids do as they may and capturing those real life moments full of play time and giggles.  Lifestyle sessions are not only relaxed and fun but everyone leaves happy and we still get those adorable smiles on camera that will last a lifetime.  

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