20 Photography Blogs You Should Be Following

If you are anything like me when I first started learning photography, you know that there is an abundance of information OUT THERE, you just don't know where to start!  Learning photography can be incredibly overwhelming.  However, once you get started it is also overwhelmingly rewarding. 

Truly one of my proudest moments is teaching myself photography.  I don't believe I have ever been self taught at anything before.  

Top photography bloggers to help you learn photography and start a business.

I have the patience of my two year old especially when it comes to learning something new.  I once attempted to learn guitar, and the second my fingers started to develop blisters I was over it.  It's not that I don't enjoy learning new things, I just constantly with struggle with wanting to know how to do it right now.  

Patience is a virtue, and I'm still working on that.

And now I'm rambling, another thing I am working on!  Anyway, there are so many photography resources available on-line, it makes it easy to learn photography on your own, at home, and to the tune of free (or at least cheap!)  

One of my favorite on-line resources are photography blogs.  Mom bloggers and professional photographers have been where you've been.  They too once had those happy fingers, ready to snap that shutter at every little thing, only to be discouraged by the outcome of the photo they THOUGHT they had captured.  

Because of their own journey, most photographer's love to extend a helping hand to the next person in line.  They gladly share what they know with friends, family, and anyone who has a willingness to learn!

I am super excited to create a comprehensive list of my top 20 favorite photography blogs who do just that.  

On these blogs you can find an abundance of information, typically for free!  Or, when you find a photographer who offers valuable information, it's almost always worth it to invest a little more into your education and watch your talent grow!

These photographers and bloggers understand what it means to start with little to no understanding of photography, only to have grown to where they are today.  With time, practice, and willingness to learn any one can expand their photography.  

Anyone can turn their hobby into a passion, and a valuable skill you will never regret having.  


When you are just starting at the beginning, it can feel entirely overwhelming just trying to find a place to start.  The following photographers are who I lovingly call "mom photographers."

"Mom photographers" are often an invaluable resource for any new photographer.  They are typically self taught and share a similar story with any other mom photographer, they picked up a camera to capture memories of their little ones.  They understand what it means to be learn photography during early mornings, nap times, and evenings.  They often have more grace and forgiveness in their hobby as they are more concerned about capturing the perfect memory than the perfect image.  

There is a lot to be learned from mom photographers who never fear to step outside of the box and try something new!  Their creativity has no limits and they are pretty fun too :)


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Capturing joy with Kristen Duke, Photography Resource, Photography Blog
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If you are past the "beginning" stages with your photography and feel comfortable shooting in manual mode then perhaps you are more interested in following photography blogs that offer information regarding building a business.  The following photographers are people who I highly admire in this business.  They are photographers who all started at the beginning and built their business with a lot of hard work, time, and passion

The best part about their passion is they love to share it with others!  These photographers display humility each and every day as they share their wealth of knowledge for running a successful business with others.  

A lot of their information is free and can be found on their blog or by signing up to their e-mail list.  A majority of them also offer e-courses, workshops, and one on one coaching that you may consider investing in to personalize your education!


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The following websites and blogs have some amazing resources and education to rapidly accelerate your photography growth!  From legal advice, editing tips and tricks, to client engagement, these websites are my favorite go-to's for everything you need to know.  

One of the most helpful, time saving tools I love to utilize are the many different templates and e-books available on each site.  Time is often in short supply for busy moms and business owners.  We do not have time to re-invent the wheel so to speak and often are looking for the a location where we can find what we need to know or use, in the shortest amount of time!  

Using e-books and templates to grow your photography and or business can be so helpful when you are trying to find what you need to know, and find it fast!


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Yay!  If you haven't checked it out already, I recently launched an entire section to helping photographers learn photography!  This space will be dedicated solely to photography and business education.  It will be updated regularly with new blogs and tutorials and you should definitely start today but clicking over and taking my 21 Day Challenge to build a strong foundation in your photography!  Pretty exciting stuff!

Well, I hope this helps give you plenty of options for places to start and improve your photography.  And these are just some of my favorites, there are so many more resources available!  Happy clicking friends!  If you are working on improving your photography, I would love to see what you are up to!  Hashtag your work on Instagram #camerasandcoffee and join my Facebook group for some feedback and a community of help!