The Lightroom Library

Monthly Lightroom education tailored for you so you can access what you need, when you need it.

What would you give to have a consistent and productive editing workflow so that you could spend LESS time editing and MORE time doing everything else you love?

These days, everyone is recommending that you edit in Lightroom, so you open up this new program, and the panic starts to slowly creep in.

Are the images actually in Lightroom?  Are they saved elsewhere?  Why are there exclamation points in the corner of the files?  What on earth is a Lightroom catalog and why does the program keep asking you to "back it up?"

OK, you finally managed to understand how to import a Preset you purchased and you have the basics down of moving all of the Tone sliders... but colors?  How is everyone achieving such beautiful greens?  Why are your skin-tones SO inconsistent?  How are photographers claiming that they're editing FULL weddings in under FOUR hours?

Lightroom is a powerful editing tool, but also an overwhelming and easily misunderstood program amongst photographers.  


Over the past year, I've worked with photographers who are at every end of the Lightroom spectrum. 

I've worked with photographers who are very advanced in their photography and editing journey, yet they continue to struggle with the basics of organizing images and establishing a workflow in Lightroom.

I've worked with photographers who fully understand how to set up Lightroom, import and organize images, but still have a difficult time creating a unique editing style and achieving consistent skin tones.

Creating a solid foundation in Lightroom, is key to establishing an efficient and quality workflow.

The 5-Day Lightroom Training series is designed was created as an information packed mini-course providing you with everything you need to know, laying the groundwork for your editing journey.

Over the next 5 Days, we will talk all things Organizing, Editing, Consistency and more.  








As a photographer and private photo editor for wedding photographers I've taken my personal experiences with Lightroom and my experiences with the large range of Lightroom education needs and broken them down into easy to access and understand Micro Courses. 

Let me introduce to you, the Lightroom Library.

With an organizational system that is DESIGNED with every photographer in mind, you can learn how to SAVE hours with a streamlined system that gives you back your time.

But the Lightroom Library goes BEYOND just editing.

The Lightroom Library offers a comprehensive education system through individual Mini Courses, Workbooks, Toolkits and more; providing you with the right information at the right time. Courses can be overwhelming, and you receive an abundance of information, typically packed into a 6 or 12 Week course, without any further follow-up.

This monthly education process changes that by providing Micro Education at a steady pace, that is easy to digest and implement. providing you time to learn, process, and apply all of the new content.


So what exactly does the Lightroom Library include?

The Lightroom Library includes education that goes BEYOND editing with new content released monthly.

This content includes:

  • Create a Custom Editing Style
  • Ultimate Guide To Outsourcing Your Edits
  • Making the Most of Color: HSL, Split Toning, & Camera Calibration
  • Smart Previews: Workflow, Organization & Editing Mobile
  • Setting Up Your Preferences: Making Lightroom Work For You
  • Creating A Wedding Workflow
  • Also includes additional Mini Courses, Workbooks, Checklists, Presets, Toolkits and MORE!

How Can I Access The Education?

Great question.  I'm a girl with a heart for education so don't get me wrong, I really love a good on-line course.  But... raise your hand if you've ever purchased a lengthy online course and, kinda, sorta never finished it.  Guilty.

The Lightroom Library is complete with bite sized education at your fingertips, and available one of two ways.

  • Monthly Subscription - $27/month
    • Access ALL of the new education as it is released monthly
    • Accumulate a discount on all of the mini courses through the subscription rate
  • Mini Course Individual Purchases - $17 - $47/month
    • If monthly access is not for you, you can purchase each Mini Course individually that is specific to your needs
    • New education released monthly

The Lightroom Library is NOW open for Enrollment and the first Mini Course will be released on March 5th!

Are you ready to join us?