Loren Jackson Photography

I was confident in my workflow, and was currently editing my weddings in under 2 hours, so I thought hiring an editor would be a waste of money.  I was sure it would take too long to teach her my style and I would just spend more time making corrections to her edits.  But I’m all about trying something at least once, and so many friends were recommending that I try a personal editor.

Since hiring Jen, I have had more freedom in my personal life. This spring has been the busiest season yet and instead of being stationed behind my computer editing my 12 weddings in nine weeks, I was able to spend time with my husband and recoup after back to back double header weekends, and even a double followed by a triple! The self-care that is happening this wedding season is unlike anything I have been able to experience since starting my business, and I attribute all of that to hiring Jen!  She picked up on my style very quickly and I’m even able to maintain my quick turnaround time of less than 10 days.

My husband and I are very soon entering a new season of life. We're just 20 weeks away from welcoming a baby into this world and I'm thankful I started working with Jen when I did.  In 20 weeks, I know that I won’t be missing out on any firsts.  I’ll be snuggling my newborn, knowing my edits are well taken care of.  She has made it possible to be a present momma instead of busy wedding photographer.


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