1. Quality Work

I can promise you quality work with a system that is designed to match your unique editing style. As a boutique editor, I can ensure you that I am the only editor working on your photos. I learn your style and I re-create it over again - just as you would! I believe in quality over quantity and I want to share with you the same quality service that you provide to your brides! That is why I take on a limited number of photographers each year. This allows me to provide a more quality experience, develop a 1:1 relationship, and maintain open feedback and communication!

2. Services Offered

As an editor for wedding photographers I am happy to help you out with your portrait sessions as well! I understand that ALL editing is time consuming for a wedding photographer and sometimes things just start to back up. I am happy to help with engagements, proposals, and anniversary sessions as needed. Portrait pricing plans are structured differently than wedding galleries so please contact me for additional information.

3. Do you require a contract?

I understand that different services work best for different people. I want to guarantee that we are a perfect fit and I feel confident in saying that if we are a "good match" you will NOT want to go back to the old way of running your business. Happy photographers make me happy and that's my end goal! With that being said, I implement a Contract that works for both parties. Not working for you? No problem. The contract is only in place to protect my business and guarantee that you have a quality experience!

4. Can I do a trial period?

A simple response but I have a detailed explanation - No, trial periods are not offered. However, during our initial consultation I work very closely with you to replicate your exact editing style. I guarantee your satisfaction meaning I will perform any re-edits as needed. The first 1-4 weddings are the typical "learning period" and when most re-edits or tweaking will occur. In order to reduce this as much as possible, I will often send out screen shots, or a percentage of the wedding edited for you to confirm that we are on the right track!