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Lightroom Simplified

Let’s face it… editing isn’t going anywhere. As a photographer, and business owner, it’s crucial to know how to manage a proper workflow in Lightroom. If you want to grow your business (and avoid burnout!) it’s time to start editing smarter.

Lightroom Simplified is my editing workflow secret weapon.

Lightroom simplified is for you if:

  • You lose track of images, in OR outside of Lightroom
  • Your Lightroom app has the spinning rainbow wheel of death, and you’re not sure how to set it up to run efficiently
  • You find yourself piecing together Lightroom education content, but still haven’t mastered an efficient workflow
  • You’re frustrated, overwhelmed, and editing non-stop
  • You procrastinate on your editing because you don’t have a reproducible¬† editing system that actually works
  • It takes you more than 4 weeks to deliver a gallery
  • You find yourself re-editing images often in order to achieve consistency
  • Creating a blog post, or redoing your portfolio is a JOB because you know it means tracking down images and reimporting them into Lightroom

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    Hey, I’m Jen!

    It all started when I realized I was a photographer obsessed with the editing process. But I was a little alone in that area.

    I’m a believer that photographers can live their best life while creating a business they love.  For me, that means breaking down post-processing into an efficient system that allows photographers to achieve consistency and outsource easily. 

    If you felt ALL the frustrations listed above, I want you to imagine instead how it would feel if:

    • You felt confident after every shoot
    • You know what to do to protect and organize your images in order to create a strong foundation in your workflow
    • You know exactly how long it will take to import, cull, and edit a gallery so that you can underpromise and overdeliver
    • You can create a realistic financial plan based on the time you spend working/editing
    • You can deliver a consistently edited gallery, every time
    • You create TRUST with your clients and improve their photography experience
    • Finally, you are able to set yourself up for outsourcing and structure your wedding packages to ensure you’re profitable every time
    Jen Kaiser private photo editor

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