Photo editing workflow:
streamline your post-production


The Photo Editing Workflow is designed to help you  gain a little whitespace in your life by creating an editing system that saves you TIME while still producing consistent and quality results.  

Lightroom workflow guide (1).jpg

Convinced yet that you need to change the way you edit? Good.Take it from a girl who knows a thing or two about editing... Youcan't keep going the way that you're going.  Spending your days and nights editing will only lead to exhaustion, frustration, and burn-out from doing something that you love.

Creating a streamlined photo editing workflow is important for any creative who has a touchpoint with photography and editing. 

Photography and editing is time consuming as is, and you my friend do not have the luxury of wasting time.

In this guide you’ll learn all about:

  • How to create a seamless workflow from import to export

  • Culling images quickly and efficiently

  • A proven editing strategy that works for every photographer

  • Overview of manipulating colors for consistency

  • LR editing hacks so that you can edit smarter not harder

  • Creating the perfect organization system within Lightroom that lasts year after year

... Plus additional access to checklists, workbook, and more!