Your editing style:
a mini course to finding your unique style

Wouldn't you love to have someone tell you they recognized your images before they even saw your name? Your Editing Style Mini Course helps you get there.  Understand your photography brand and develop an editing style that is incredibly you and speaks to the heart of your dream clients.

Your Editing Style.jpg

You're practically buying stock in Presets because you're just SO sure the next one will work.

You are always shifting, always adjusting, always tweaking, re-editing, pivoting.

Presets, they can be amazing.  But endlessly purchasing one new preset after another without understanding who you are as a photographer and what you want your style to be... is pointless.

It's time to go back to the beginning and do a deep dive into your photography brand and editing style. 

You need a clearly defined style that speaks confidence into your work and allows you stay creatively inspired.  It's time to attract those dream clients through consistency, creativity and your unique photography voice.


In my DIY Your Photography Brand Style Mini Course you’ll learn all about:

  • How to translate your brand inspiration and mission into an mood board

  • Create a style guide unique to your brand and personality

  • Understand the important aspects beyond your style: lighting, location, niche, audience

  • Implement these aspects in Lightroom to create a unique editing style

  • Understand colors, tones, and necessary editing adjustments to achieve that consistency you and your audience crave

... Plus you'll have behind the scenes access to my own editing style journey (FYI: it’s a wild ride!)