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So nice to meet you! I'm Jen

Lifestyle Photographer for Food, Interiors, Products, and Brands

Hi, I’m Jen. I’ve always had a love for photography and storytelling, and it’s a joy to fuse those two passions, and bring them to life in commercial and brand photography. My goal is to help you create beautiful, visual content that converts.

As a business owner, you know that quality and consistency matter. And in today’s world, it’s crucial to show up online, and put those parts of your business on display. The problem is, between producing products and services, along with marketing and providing incredible customer service, you find yourself piecing together images for your website and social media that lack the consistency needed to really tell your business and brand story.

Commercial photography gives you the chance to elevate your business and brand while standing out to your ideal audience in your own unique way.

Quality Results

As a photographer with more than 5 years of experience, I am dedicated to focusing on quality visuals with the perfect blend of color, light, and true to life character.

Session Planning

All sessions are tailored to your small business needs. Prior to your session, we'll review an in-depth questionnaire. I'll plan out the session flow, and capture all of the important details you don't want to miss.


I'm passionate about creating visual imagery that suits your needs for the final result - whether that's print, digital or social marketing content. My goal is to tell your story well.


Each commercial job is unique and priced according to your specific needs! Several factors go into creating a custom proposal. This includes location, styling, models if needed, number of products and preparation required. 

Please contact me for a free consultation, so we can discuss your business needs and create the perfect session.



Below you’ll find a mix of my experience with product, lifestyle, food, and real estate commercial photography.


Brands & products, photography & blogging, country & cabin living, women-supporting-women, it's all here.