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You can book anytime! I would recommend booking at least 3 months in advance, 6-12 months is preferred. Just for point of reference, I review contracts in January and again in June. After that things book pretty quickly for the 6-month period. However, you can add additional dates at any time. I always leave some room for flexibility.

I will send an invoice once I’ve opened your catalog, and it is due in 7 days. This allows you to view your invoice and make sure that it’s correct and I’m editing the correct amount of images before I get started.

– If the wedding cancels due to Covid: you will receive a refund on your deposit
– If the wedding reschedules due to Covid: you may apply your deposit to the new date in the same calendar year, or to a new wedding in that calendar year. If the reschedule takes place in the next year, you can receive a refund on your deposit if you prefer.

You can always find your current dates in the client portal. As SOON as you’ve selected a date and time on the booking page, it’s considered booked, even if you’ve yet to pay the deposit. If you forgot to pay a deposit or closed that tab before paying, you can find that on the invoice in the client portal.

A 40% deposit is due at the time of booking for wedding catalogs.  This comes to $60 (40% of the $150 minimum.) A deposit is not required for portrait catalogs.


August 2-13th 2021

October 1-8th 2021 (working trip, limited email access)

February 4-11th 2021


12/28 – We are currently using LR Classic version 10.0

5/14 – If you’re curious about referrals, I am not taking new clients at this time, but I thank you!

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