2020 taught us to be more intentional with our time, and this Spring is just another reminder of the beauty of family, gardening, and creating memories.

Spring has Sprung

I feel hopeful for 2021. I feel hopeful for March, and all that this month brings with it. I feel hopeful for Spring, and the signs of renewal that accompany it. Signs that come without fail, regardless of how difficult the winter was (or year for that matter) that came before it. As we all know, this March in particular feels rather special. More than special, it feels fragile in a way. As if this newness is something we all desperately need and cling to, yet we’re hesitant to fully embrace.

I don’t think it’s necessary to relive what 2020 was for so many people. That fact is well known. Instead, I’d like to look ahead to a promising tomorrow. For me, this time of year will include projects on top of projects. Typically, winter is a time of rest and recovery. It’s a chance for me to rejuvenate the administrative side of my business, catch up on content creation and plan out the upcoming season for weddings and photography. It’s also a period of time when I clean up and reorganize my home and life around us.

However, this past winter, was not quite typical. I found myself working outside of the home, more than I had in probably the past three winters combined. And I was OK with it. I went back to working as a nurse during Covid, and in so many ways, it was actually a refreshing change of pace. It was nice to feel alive in the winter, rather than the typical feeling of routine and hibernation I’ve grown accustomed to over the past several years. But now, I’m ready for the projects that lie before me, and the chance to step into a different form of hard, yet fun work in the days ahead. Some of the unfinished winter tasks have been added to the already long list of Spring to-do’s and I know that a busy season waits.

As each day continues to usher in more warmth and more sun, I am at peace with the work laid out ahead of me. More than that, I’m actually grateful for it. The work is a comforting reminder of the return of normalcy. While last March taught me that to be flexible, to embrace change, get creative and try something new. This March is teaching me to be intentional, to value hard work while also welcoming rest. I’m excited to be more intentional with my time. Both my productive and passive hours. The way that we work matters, but the way that we reconnect with the world and the people around us does too. The two facets of life compliment each other, and what better time to see that relationship come to life than in the early days of Spring.

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