2021 is officially the start of something new, and I’m excited to tell the story of your small business through product styling and brand photography.

Product Photography and Goal Update

I sat down recently to start working through my new Powersheets Goal Planner, and I was struck by a recurring theme.

If you’re not familiar with Powersheets, they are an incredible tool to help you cultivate the things that really matter in life. Maybe you’re like me and often have too much going on in your life at any given time, and yet it all feels important. Working through a goal planner helps me to really dig deep and sort through what’s important right now. As I do the work, I uncover what I need to say “no” to that’s taking up my time and energy without contributing to the big picture, in order to create clarity and say “yes” to what I love.

I knew going into 2021, that I wanted to focus on intention and mindfulness. You can read more about my realistic approach to goal setting here. The year 2020 started strong for my business, transitioned into a complete shutdown, and then rounded out with me doing literally all the things. As I finished up the year, I felt pulled in every direction, and I spent all my time just trying to pull the ends together so that I could finish up the year and tie it in a neat little package.

Despite that, the theme that I found interesting as I wrote through my 2021 goals, was not that I wanted to do less work. I just wanted to do more work that mattered. In truth, I’ve struggled a bit in the past trying to add another facet to my business outside of Photo Editing. As an Enneagram 4, having a creative side is an absolute must. Without it, I easily feel the burnout of running a business that doesn’t fill my cup. I’ve tried approaching that creative outlet through hobbies, but it’s difficult to do when the hobby I love most, photography, transitioned into the business I have today. In the past, as Editing became busy, it has always been photography that I set aside in order to make time for my family, friends, managing my health, and life in general.

So rather than setting Photography aside and focusing strictly on Photo Editing, I’ve decided it’s time to add this element I love so much back into my business. I love this quote by Dave Hollis –

In the rushto returnto normal, use this time to consider which parts of normal are worth rushingback to.”

I want “normal” in my business to look different. Why? Because it impacts every other area of my life in a big way. I love being a Photo Editor for Wedding Photographers. It allows me to work from home and brings flexibility and support to the lifestyle that I love. That includes prioritizing my health, spending quality time with my family, managing my finances well, travel, and apparently even homeschooling my daughter for a year during a Pandemic. I never want to take the business and life that I have built for granted. However, I’ve also recognized that it’s OK to appreciate one thing, and still want something more.

The recurring theme that I found myself coming back to as I spent time in the Powersheets Planner, was that I was also desperately seeking more creativity, passion, and joy. Towards the end of 2020, I played around with the idea of introducing Product and Brand Photography into my business. At the time, I had too much going on to make it officially a thing. So instead, I invested the time I did have into putting together a portfolio, pushing the limits of my creativity, and simply finding joy in photography again. However, I did set a goal to go live in Spring of 2021, and I’m so proud of myself for making that happen.

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Of course, every new goal and business decision needs to start with a brand/mood board and I feel so inspired by what I put together that I had to share it with you here!


I can’t wait to spend 2021 serving fellow Small Businesses in a new way, bringing their story to life through photography. I watch women work so hard on their business, but struggle to share their product and message with consistent and quality visuals. So what will this look like exactly moving forward? Photo Editing continues to be a main facet of my business. I’m so excited for new clients I brought on this year, and truthfully feel like it might just be my best year yet with editing. That being said, I’ve also limited the amount of Editing work I’m doing, to make room for serving my Photography clients well. I’ll be taking on a VERY limited amount of brand and product contracts throughout the year and I really look forward to serving with purpose, intention, and telling each business and brand story in the way that it deserves to be told.

Stay tuned as I share more about what his process will look like in the future, but feel free to reach out at any time with questions or just to simply say Hi!

Cheering you on, as always!


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