Minimalist Inspired Halloween Decor

October 24, 2019

I’m Claire.
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Are you on board with the idea that less is more? As an aspiring minimalist (and a lover of fall!) I’m always inspired by simple, yet tasteful Halloween decor. So when I stepped into this “Spider’s Lair” last week, I just knew I had to share! If you’re ‘stuck’ (see what I did there) on old ideas and want to spruce things up a bit this year, then enjoy this little corner of the ‘web’ (oh my gosh, someone stop me…)

First, let me give you a little back story. What started as a night of Trick-or-Treating with Kenna three years ago, has grown into a family event with five grandchildren, group costumes, good food, and lots and lots of candy.


Recently, my sister Tiffany and her husband Josh made the biggest purchase most of us ever make, a new home. This new home was extra special. After moving back to Ohio after four years in Georgia, where my brother in law was stationed as an Army Dentist, they purchased their first house from my grandma. It was a time of big transitions for my family. Of course, Tiffany was excited about this change while still respecting the memories created in that home many years over.

As an interior designer, my grandma has a wonderful eye with a classic taste. The style inside the house has been updated many times over in the past 20 some years. We always joked that each room held a new surprise every time we visited.

So it’s no surprise that it should receive yet another major facelift with its new owner. The main area of the home is redone in a modern, yet tasteful way. Currently, Tiffany is infusing her own personal style into the house with a mid-century modern approach.

The house itself is located in family friendly lot in small town Ohio. You know the kind, where you smile and wave to your neighbor each morning on your walk, and know most people by name. Each year at Halloween, my sister receives a pamphlet from her neighbor, letting her know of the annual Trick-or-Treat night in the neighborhood. We started participating in this event in 2016 with grandma. Naturally, it has become somewhat of a special night for us.


This year was our biggest gathering yet, and Tiffany transformed the house into a spooktacular place with some Halloween splashes throughout the dining room. Remaining true to her neutral taste and mid-century modern style she did an amazing job of emphasizing the fireplace, mantel and entryway of the room with simple black and white touches.

Whether you like to DIY and keep things simple, or spruce your house up a bit – I think you’ll find something you love in this simple yet fun monochromatic minimalist inspired Halloween decor.

Let’s start with the primary focus, this Spider is such conversation piece, especially for the little ones! As soon as each kiddo walked into the room, they pointed and giggled, they oohed and aahed! I love how the legs drape across the fireplace and mantle, bringing it all together!

Keeping the focus all in one space, a touch of color was added with neutral, yet tasteful pumpkins and lights. They were the perfect “pop” that fit right in amongst the fireplace and wood mantle. Her potted plants, recently re-homed from the porch helped to add a natural element while continuing with the traditional Halloween orange.

Even with minimalist inspired decor, it always still in the details. The little mice running across the wall were seriously the cutest addition to this Halloween story.

If you’re trying to stay simple with your Halloween decor, I think it’s important to keep your current style in mind and use what you have! Seasonal decorations can really be emphasized when used to accent items already in the home. As you can see keeping it (mostly) simple allows you to put the focus on one major statement piece while sprinkling cute details throughout to make things playful and fun!

Of course, it was Trick-or-Treat so we can’t forget about the candy collectors of the night! As a former elementary teacher, Tiffany is never short on ideas to include the kids and transform something as simple as oranges and string cheese into a spooky snack.

It was a scare of a night and a tradition we can’t wait to continue in the future! Happy Halloween friends, and stay safe!



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