TuesdaysTogether Friendorsgiving 2019

Friendor (n): A Vendor that is a Friend

You know you’re surrounded by the best Creative friends in the land when they throw together a Thanksgiving dinner as beautiful as the one you see below. In truth, I really am incredibly blessed to have connected with this group of men and women (mostly by chance) almost four years ago! The Rising Tide Society is a nationwide society of creatives who believe in ‘Community Over Competition.’ From that group, TuesdaysTogether meetups were developed locally across the country. It’s an opportunity for entrepreneurs and creatives alike to gather and talk all things creativity, business and life.

As a new business owner in 2015 with a two year old and full-time job, I didn’t have the opportunity to attend meetups as often as I would have liked. So once Kenna started Kindergarten this year, I made it a goal to attend meetings and events as much as possible.

Our local group in Canton, Ohio has grown tremendously and we now hold rotating monthly meetings in the mornings, evenings and weekends to try to accommodate everyone’s schedule as much as possible! I always knew that in-person networking would be valuable for my business, but TuesdaysTogether is more than that. It’s an opportunity to share knowledge, develop relationships, learn and grow as a community.

Despite the fact that in-person meetups weren’t always a possibility for me in the beginning, I still loved staying connected through our Facebook group! Outside of the monthly meetings, it’s a great place to ask questions, help others and gain valuable information and find insightful resources.


Every TuesdaysTogether is only as good as its leaders and members. As I mentioned, I’m so grateful to be a part of an active group with extremely talented people. We have two wonderful leaders who share the responsibility of hosting events and organizing details. In addition to that, our event planners and florists usually have a wonderful helping hand in bringing special events like “Friendorsgiving” to life.

As a photographer, I was more than excited to see how picture perfect everything looked when I walked in. Aside from set-up, other members like myself all shared the task of bringing one covered dish for the dinner itself and at least one non-perishable food item in the spirit of giving! These items were donated to a local charity as our group’s Philanthropy contribution. Because The Rising Tide Society truly is about community and giving back, every November our education discussion surrounds Philanthropy in business.

Without further adieu enjoy our beautiful tables-cape from our recent Friendorsgiving. Though, how we managed to escape a group picture with about eight photographers in the room is beyond me! Next year 😉


Event Organizers and Chapter Leaders: Courtney Cannon of The Cannons Photography & Loren Jackson of Loren Jackson Photography | Event Host and Creative Styling: Nicole Sirpilla of Sirpilla Soires | Florals: Jessica of Gather Flower Studio

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