Branding photography at Farmgate Flowers cut flower farm in Northeast Ohio. Located in the heart of Amish Country, flowers available for wholesale or DIY.

Flower Cutting at Farm Gate Flowers

For me, June was another month that came and went, like a ship passing in the night. As an entrepreneur, there’s so much appreciation to be had for working from home during the summer and having flexibility with my schedule. However, as an entrepreneur in the photography industry specifically, it can be really difficult at times to manage that flexibility well with my summer season workload.

This summer has been exceptionally full with all of the reschedules from 2020. So anytime I find the opportunity to break free from our normal routine of eat, sleep, work, repeat, I do my best to make it happen. Being a busy work from home mom, means being laser focused when it’s time to work, and then pouring all of my heart into moments of fun and rest when the opportunity presents itself. Such an opportunity came up the other morning in the form of photos and flower cutting.

I woke up and put in a few hours of work, like most Friday mornings in the summer. But then I told Kenna we were heading down the road a bit to cut some flowers and take photos at Farm Gate Flowers cut flower garden. Initially, she was less than thrilled that I was dragging her along to something “so boring.” A little pouting from her, a little coaxing from me, and within no time we were loaded up in the car with gardening gloves in hand.

It was our first time visiting Farm Gate Flowers, and when Kenna hopped out of the car, I knew instantly she was pretty happy with her eventual decision to tag along. Farms and wide open spaces are right up her alley of things she loves, and there was plenty of that around. She skipped her way to the greenhouse while I prepared my camera and introduced myself to Nikki the owner. She immediately equipped us with a bucket and floral scissors, gave us a little tour, showed Kenna how to properly cut the flowers and then let us have freedom to explore.

While Kenna snipped at stems, I snapped photos of the blooms. We had a wonderful morning wandering around and enjoying the flowers, views, and fresh air. I always love having the chance to enjoy the morning outside and even had the opportunity to chat more with Nikki about running a business as a busy Mom with multiple passions, and met fellow entrepreneur and florist Kelly Kellerwho spent her morning doing much of the same.

If you’re in the Dover, OH/Tuscarawas County area, I recommend gathering some beautiful flowers yourself for your kitchen table or upcoming special event. If you’re a future bride or fellow entrepreneur, Farm Gate Flowers is available for DIY creations or wholesale orders. Be sure to check it out for yourself!

Farm Gate Flowers

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