5 Things To Consider As You Develop Your Editing Style


Back in 2016 when I was a wedding photographer, I struggled almost constantly with creating an editing style that worked for me and my brand.

In fact, it was probably my slight obsession with editing, and re-editing, and editing again that drew me towards private photo editing.

Overall, my editing skills were improving, but I just couldn’t get the hang of finding or developing an editing style that I loved.

I purchased all of the best presets.  
I researched popular styles.  
I was constantly spending my days in Lightroom.

To say it was exhausting, would be an understatement.  
I was beyond frustrated with this constant struggle of defining my brand and my style.  Until, I realized that my problem was JUST that.

I didn’t really have a “brand.”  

how to develop an editing style that fits your brand and ideal client

I didn’t have any form of structure or guidelines that I could follow to create a cohesive look amongst my business, brand, and images.

I was jumping from one Preset or style to the next, without stopping to considering why I wanted to achieve that look. Was it because I liked it? Was it because it suited my ideal client? Or was it because it was trendy and a popular style on Instagram?

It took me almost three years to FULLY understand just how important it is to create a consistent editing style and stick with it.

I always knew that consistency was key, but I also just told myself that I still hadn't discovered my style.  

I still hadn't fully come into who I was as a photographer, that part was definitely true. However, there was still a need for some form of structure or consistency in my images, because this was a business, not a hobby,

There are five important things to consider every time you adjust and/or develop your editing style and following these five things has helped me considerably as I journey through the transitions of my photography and business. 

Lucky for you, I’m sharing all five important steps in today’s video. I want to you to grow in your business and confidence as a photographer, always improving and focusing on the important areas of your business, instead of taking two steps forward and three steps back.


5 Things To Consider As You Develop Your Editing Style