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One of the things I love most about creativity, is that everyone is creative in some form or another. I love photography, writing, gardening, and music. Maybe you love baking, drawing, organizing, or marketing. Creativity is subjective and the most beautiful form of expression.

In my family, I have seen creativity take shape in interior design. Both of my grandmother’s were interior designers at heart. One actively worked in the field of interior design, the other simply designed her own home and inspired her family to do the same. I know that my grandmother’s have inspired me in so many ways, in both design and business. They’ve also inspired their own children throughout their lives. Specifically, my mom who recently retired and decided to pour some of her freed up energy into redoing my sister and I’s old bedrooms.

For my mom, this was more than just a creative endeavor, it was a personal joy and a meaningful way to spend time with family. During this project, she spent countless hours wandering through antique shops with my grandma and scavenging Facebook furniture sales. Her creativity came to life in these bedrooms, as she carefully selected each unique piece. Finally, it was time to bring the rooms to life with some classic but simple details and a fresh coat of paint.

For me, it was an honor to capture something so personal and special, knowing the story behind these rooms and the love that went into them. When the bedrooms were finished, and I had the chance to see the end result, I knew it was something I had to photograph and share with the world. Each bedroom is a calm and welcoming atmosphere and proof that creativity is personal and unique. Creativity is also quality time with family, a passion project, and enjoyed by all.

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  1. Grandma rohr says:


  2. Anita Craycraft says:

    Thank you Jennifer for taking such beautiful photos of the rooms and for the heart-felt, kind words. ?

  3. Vanessa says:

    Your eye for detail is exquisite! I love the tiger maple dresser, it’s beautiful! How is it you have no clutter? I aspire to get to that point in my life.

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