My Personal and Business Goals for 2020

February 13, 2020

I’m Claire.
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In my latest post I shared about reflecting back on the previous year. I’ve found that it’s almost impossible for me to set intentional goals without taking a look back at what worked and what didn’t the year before. There’s nothing worse than repeating the exact same process, and expecting different results. And if there’s one thing I know has hit home hard in my heart since becoming a business owner, it’s that making the most of my time, energy, and effort is a top priority.

Last year, I didn’t set any specific goals. I did create a word of the year, Focus, and decided to simply live with intention. My intention was to focus on what mattered most. My daughter Kenna was home with me for her last year before Kindergarten, I had several travel commitments on the calendar, and I had already signed up for a 5-month business education course at the end of year. Just glancing at the calendar, I knew my time was mostly spoken for.

That experience was just what I needed in order to experiment, learn, grow, fail and reset my heart to create some REALLY good goals for this year. Going into 2020, I knew that I wanted to set some more specific goals this year as a guide. To start, I set my word of the year. It might sound crazy to choose just ONE word for an entire year, but I’m telling you friend… it works.

My word of the year for 2020 is “Strength.” Working off that word of the year, I then outline the top five areas I want to focus on in my personal life while creating goals. These five areas chosen based off my reflection from the previous year. Here are the top areas I am focusing on in 2020, and my 1-3 goals within each area.


Exercise Daily

I wrapped up my editing season this past December and noticed one thing I wasn’t super excited about, my right hip hurt a lot. As a nurse who used to make a living teacher others how to better manage their health through exercise and nutrition, I already had a goal to exercise at least four days a week. But I’ve found that when I allow myself three days off, I can quickly get out of the habit of exercising at all.

Sitting is so harmful to your physical health, so if running a business is going to be long term, daily exercise simply has to become a part of my routine. I want it to be something that I wake up every morning and do out of habit. I’m currently doing 100 Morning Meltdown from Beachbody and it’s my new favorite program. It’s 100 different workouts, that incorporate a variety of styles such as cardio, strength training, pilates, plyo, and best of all there’s active rest days built in. Two days a week are focused just on yoga and stretching.

Meal Plan

This one is pretty straight forward. Monthly meal planning works in our house. When I don’t meal plan (which I wasn’t doing much of at all at the end of last year) we have that daily conversation of “What do you want for dinner?” and fall into the weekly habit of eating out way more than we should. So monthly meal planning it is for 2020.

My process for planning is relatively straight forward:

  1. I create a Master Meals List in a Google Doc saved on my personal Google Drive
  2. At the end of each month, I pull out my planner for the next month and plan meals based off my husband’s work schedule and any upcoming events. I like to do this  using my computer so that I can browse the meal list and make sure I’m not wasting time trying to remember different meals. PS – you can also LINK to the recipe if it’s not written down in your recipe stash.
  3. I leave a few blank days, and then I’ll pull up Pinterest and schedule in a new recipe I’ve been wanting to try!
  4. Finally, I have a cheap magnet board I found in Target’s dollar aisle on the fridge, and each week I’ll write out that week’s meals so they’re visible for everyone to see!


Business  & Financial

Running a business looks different for everyone. I found that my first two years of business were a lot of trial, error and prayer. When I took my business full-time, I stayed on at my nursing job as a casual part-time employee. It was a great secondary income stream while I continued to build up my business. By year two, my business had grown enough that I knew it was time to step away from nursing for a while. As year three comes to an end, I’m at a point where I can really start diving in deep to future planning. Now that I know my business is no longer a “fail in the first two years” statistic, I’m excited to start creating a strong, and consistent business and financial structure for the future.


Eliminate Distractions

I’ve been on this journey to work from home since 2015 when I first started my photography business. It’s now 2020, and I am SO glad I took that leap five years ago. However, as a work from home mom with a toddler in the house, my work/life balance has literally been one big distraction. Up until now that is! Kenna started Kindergarten this past August, and I miss her intensely during the day. However, I feel I also feel a huge weight lifted off my shoulders as I walk into my office each morning.

With my new work schedule, my goal this year is to make the absolute most of this time I’ve been given each day and really dive into the deep work. This means eliminating ALL phone, social media, and other distractions during my dedicated working hours. Working from home alone can be really isolating at times, and so texts, phone calls, and social media are a distracting means to break up that silence.


Read the bible in a year

I know this is a “trendy” goal, but as I started to read the Bible more this year, I realized how nice it would be to have that big picture perspective first. So this year I’d like to read the entire Bible, and next year, I’ll dive deeper into each book of the Bible, one at a time. I’m currently working my way through the New Testament first, about four chapters a day, and then I’ll move onto the Old Testament.

Church/Community Involvement

Not to be morbid, but the older I get, the more I consider the reality of life and death and what comes next. You know, all those joyful thoughts to start off a New Year right. But honestly, for me it is joyful. Life is short, death is certain, and I believe in a loving and faithful God. It also brings to light for me that that we’re pretty selfish beings. So often we base our hard work and lives on goals and materialistic things. I don’t want to get to the end of another year of my life, and look around wondering what I did for others and not just for my family and myself.

I’ll leave it at that for now as I’m still diving deep into this myself. I just know at the end of the day I want to be kind, be helpful and love others well.

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:21


Learn to play Guitar

It’s no secret that I love learning new things. I also love all things creative and I’ve found that it’s important for me to routinely set aside time to invest in something that brings me joy. This self-care allows me to be a better human. Last year, I tried my hand at a few new things but nothing really stuck. So when I sat down and really considered where I wanted to invest my time in 2020, I came back to something that’s always been a constant in my life, music. I took voice lessons for about 5-7 years through school, but never truly learned to read music or play an instrument. Learning piano is another future and far off dream, but for now I’m so excited about my shiny new guitar.

Grow a Herb Garden

I’m slowly turning my black thumb green, friends! Zach is the garden master at our house. I love watching him get excited about planting every spring and teaching Kenna the ways of the vegetable growing world. Unfortunately, this part of life has never come naturally to me. So I just do my part with pulling weeds and picking veggies! But not this year… this year I’m going to put my not so magic touch on a small herb garden. We LOVE cooking with fresh herbs and have realized just how much it improves not only the taste of our food but the joy of cooking. Off the top of my head, I’d love to grow thyme, cilantro, lavendar, basil, and mint. I have a lot to learn, but I can’t wait to get started.


Last August, I invested in a 5-month business program called Editor’s Course. It was a foundational business course that helped me filter through the noise of what actually makes an impact in my business, what creates profit, and which discerning decisions I should make moving forward. Editor’s Course gave me to the tools I needed to feel confident in my business plan. For the new year I’ve decided to base my goals strictly off reflections from the prior year and my educational experience. So my goals for 2020 are:

  • Business Manual
    • Have clear policies/procedures that would allow anyone to step in and take over at anytime if I’m not able
  •  Blogging
    • Consistent business posts 4x month
  • Client Experience
    • Continue improving/simplifying on-boarding and education process
    • Explore unique ideas to serve current clients well
  • Lightroom Simplified
  • Speaking
  • Photo/Video
    • Schedule and Book new brand photo and video shoot
    • PS – I’ll need a photographer/videographer, so contact me if this is your thing!
  • Pinterest Marketing
    • Learn and create a Pinterest Marketing plan
  • SEO
    • Learn and implement purposeful SEO strategies
  • Digital Product Shop
    • Launch five resources for creatives to help support their business/editing needs
  • Help two new clients through package pricing
    • Perfect for the photographer who wants to hand off all culling and editing so that they can scale their business
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