I'm Jen, I help photographers make the most of their time through private photo editing.

Editing can be simplified, but it requires a little planning.


You’re walking into yet another wedding season questioning how you’re going to manage it all.  Photography, editing, marketing, life. There are days that just feel so overwhelming, you’re not sure how you’ll keep your head above water.

That’s where I step in.  I help you plan your post-processing so that you can be more efficient, while still maintaining consistency with your style and process.

I help photographers make the most of their time through private photo editing, Lightroom editing education, and systems that work.

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An editing system that works. simplifies. flows.

I remember the moments of complete exhaustion, wishing there
was a quick fix to the headache of editing overwhelm.

Then I realized there was…
at least, there was a plan to help manage it.

Understand Lightroom.
Create workflows.
Outsource the extra.

A three step process that I walk photographers
through to take back their days.


my story

Here's the details.

My story begins in a hospital (no, I’m not going back to the very beginning…) What I mean is, I started my career as a registered nurse in our local, rural hospital.

It was there that I met my now husband, and after our daughter was born, my medicine loving heart started to crave a taste for staying home.

So I went from hobby photographer to launching a business. However, I felt oddly split between this love for the art, a desire for entrepreneurship, and the drive for ultimate flexibility and just being home.

And so my journey as a private photo editor began. 

I found my area of passion, and in doing so I can help photographers do the same.

Individualist – INFP

Morning person?
We'll get along just fine.

Before the sun is up, you can usually find me jumping out of bed bright and early, excited for that first cup of coffee and a little mama quiet time. The rest of my day is spent tripping over toys, chasing an energetic little one, or moving the mouse across the screen of high quality wedding images, bringing someone’s fairy tale to life.

As a private photo editor for wedding photographers, I think it’s safe to say I have a dream job of seeing beautiful weddings from the comfort of my home with some classical music playing (The Piano Guys is my fave.)

If I’m not behind my computer than you’ll be able to find me somewhere outside with my husband and our daughter; enjoying the quiet country life.

As a multi-passionate person, I’m usually trying my hand at something new (it’s the Enneagram type 4 in me!) Current hobby, busting out my Singer Curvy so I can learn to sew a thing or too around this cabin home of ours.

Not home? Then we’re most likely on a weekend trip, crossing state borders for a Field Trial with our two black labs.

Life is what you make of it, and I mean
to make mine pretty darn good.

As I prepare for a baby, I know (working with Jen)
will be incredibly helpful while trying to balance
business and momma life! She’s experienced,
consistent, and delivers what I’m expecting!


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2020 Headshots-

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Private Photo Editing

Outsource your edits and gain the gift of time, so that you can focus on the areas that matter most in biz & life.

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Let’s tell your brand story with quality visuals that creates consistency and puts your products and services on display.

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Lifestyle Photography

Capture your favorite, everyday moments. Storytelling is my specialty and I’m so excited to share yours with you.